Services you have come to trust.

We offer a full and comprehensive range of services to distributors, supermarkets and manufacturers,primarily of food and food related products around the word.


The experience we have garnered over the years enables us to provide seamless import and export services which allow for timely trouble-free delivery of goods to our clients. Our meticulous documentation including correct and advance delivery certificates has been a hallmark of our complete commitment to each client over the decades.

In addition to client requirements, we ensure that products being delivered comply with the country of import requirements with regards to labelling, nutritional information, food safety standards and relevant certification.

Facilitate and conduct manufacturer factory visits, audits, certifications, inspections and risk-assessments.
We provide all logistics to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of goods from the port of origin to the port of import. Our expertise allows us to obtain all appropriate documentation required by the country of import. Our extensive network in the shipping industry permits us to secure routes which meet our clients’ needs for competitive prices.

Supply Chain Management
The relationships we have established over the years with our network of suppliers enables us to match delivery schedules with the clients’ needs. Given the dynamic nature of the environment our clients and suppliers operate in, we constantly gauge their needs and ensure that they are properly met.

The experience we have gained in various markets allows us to provide our clients and potential clients with pertinent advice on the markets they are or wish to evolve in.